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On the beach or OTbeach holidays warning

on the beach holidays a warningOn the beach OTBeach holidays, and OntheBeach.co.uk (all the same site) warning, help and advice.

They (“on the beach”), if you read the appalling reviews and complaints, seem to be using a deceitful sales tactic called “bait and switch”, this is where you think the holiday is one price but ends up costing far more…

So what is Bait and switch?

This is the dodgy practice of letting you book a cheap deal and then calling you or emailing you back to pay hidden extras, or mysteriosly the flights you thought you had booked at one price are suddenly more expensive.

But dont take our word for it, check it out yourself and have a read of just some of the: On the beach, complaints and reviews. below..

  • Be advised that they OTbeach – OntheBeach.co.uk, do not offer live online booking. See T&c below.
  • It may appear to be the case, but it is not, You are just making an offer to purchase, which is not the same thing at all..
  • Holidaymakers like yourself have found this out to their cost. Scroll down and read their t&C below.

If you are contacted by Onthebeach after your booking (we hope you don’t book) but if you do and they ask for more money – Do not accept the higher price and inform your credit card or debit card bank for an immediate charge-back refund..

Here are just some of the reviews of “on the beach holidays”. From Review center.


“Don’t even think about booking your holiday with Onthebeach.co.uk.

They lure you in with cheap deals and then surcharge you to the point where it was cheaper to book direct. Their holidays are not protected as packages and any changes attract huge surcharges.

Customer service is non-existent and ABTA protection amounts to nothing because all their dodgy business practices are in their Terms and Conditions. Dont event think about using Onthebeach…. Read Review


“Appalling customer service from On the beach holidays.

Misleading website causing mis-sold holidays with little or no help from customer service apart from attempting to levy a ‘admin’ fee for any cancellations.” Read more.


“We have had nothing but problems with the ‘On the Beach’ and would not recommend them.

We booked B&B accomodation and were sent a confirmation saying Self Catering and after numerous emails and calls they refuse to believe the booking is an error. ” Read More


  • Take a moment to read the otbeach terms and conditions and see how they try and lock you in, they assume that you will not read them but you should, as they are some of the worst we have come across. Especially read the section we have highlighted with a thumbs down…

Part of : OTbeach on the beach holidays terms online booking.

By clicking to book and entering your personal and payment details on our website, you are making us an offer to purchase the product on your behalf.

At this point we immediately re-contact the Principal. Each Principal will still require a short period of time to confirm that your chosen flight / hotel is still available.

Although the email confirmation sent to you is NOT contractual acceptance of the Principal’s ability to provide this product, it is an acknowledgement that we have received your offer, and should the product be available as detailed on our website then you have entered into a legally binding agreement to purchase this product subject to the Principal’s Terms and Conditions.

You should also note that each service you book with us is a separate booking.

If you make bookings for both accommodation and flights and we are unable to confirm one of the bookings, the other booking will still stand, and therefore the Principal’s booking conditions will apply.


If larger groups want to be sure of sufficient availability for any flights / hotels they should contact our call centre. If two parts of the same group book online on two separate bookings and availability expires between the two bookings we regret therefore that we are unable to cancel the first booking without applying cancellation charges as levied by the Principal.



34 thoughts on “On the beach or OTbeach holidays warning

  1. Just cancelled a holiday with onthebeach which I booked lastnight!!! Booked a 7 day holiday to Tenerife in October. This morning they called to say that our holiday had gone up by £36 each. I know it isn’t a huge amount, but its the principle of it.
    Advertising a holiday at a particular price on their website, you book & pay a deposit. They then call you to to notify you of an increase.
    What’s to say that they won’t call me several tomes in the run up to the holiday or the day before the holiday with more absurd charges! Sneaky business tactics & for that reason I’ll be taking my business else where!!!!!

    Posted by Kimberley | July 26, 2013, 2:22 pm
  2. I have just had to cancel my holiday with on the beach I wish I had read these reviews before I booked with them .they cancelled my hotel 4 days before we were supposed to fly and offered me the worst hotel in alcudia. this company is a con do not use them.their customer service advisers are rude and don’t care when you phone up that is after they have made you wait on there premium phone lines just to make that bit of extra money.all in all this company is a disgrace and should not be allowed to operate

    Posted by peter | July 23, 2013, 1:06 pm
  3. I booked a holiday to Ibiza with Onthebeach (6 months in advance). 4 days before the trip they announced that the hotel was no longer available and offered me some alternative which was less starts and really horrible. (same price though)

    Of course, 4 days before traveling most places are either booked or really expensive. So you take the shity hotel they offer or you are stuck.

    I asked for a refund, which apparently takes ages to come through; they are not even sure… it isn’t a priority. They hope you will book an alternative accommodation with them, paying over the odds. Needles to say I haven’t…

    Their Customer Services were really unhelpful.

    A total rip off… I will never use them again or recommend them to anybody.

    Posted by Paul | July 11, 2013, 3:15 pm
  4. All I can say, do not ever book through On The beach!!!!!

    Posted by ssll | July 8, 2013, 9:31 pm
  5. I booked a holiday with on the beach for the 21st May 2013, firstly they phoned me back saying the flight prices had gone up and telling me I needed to pay more. Ten two days before I was due to go, when the flights where payed for they phoned to tell me the hotel had declined my booking and they wouldnt pay my refund until the hotel had payed them back. Because my flights where payed for I choose another hotel and had to pay for that, then was told again that the price of that hotel had gone up so I also had to pay more again. After sending around a dozen emails to them asking what was happening about my refund for the first hotel I contacted the hotel itself. They had not declined the booking on the beach had cancelled it, also they had not recieved my money either. That hotel was justifyably annoyed at this happening and it was them who managed to get on the beach to refund my money, otherwise I dont think I would have got it at all.

    I will never book with them again, as far as I am concirned they tried to steal my money, they ruined my holiday by cancelling my first choice of hotel, the second on not being at all suitable for my two sons. I would advise anyone reading this to never book with this people at all, they are out to con people out of their money. As to the idea they say that poeple should give them a chance to rectify things before posting reviews about them they didnt give me that chance, they wouldnt answer any of my emails about the refund of awful service I had from them.

    Steer clear of ON the Beach is my advice.

    Posted by Patricia Innes | June 1, 2013, 2:44 pm
  6. I just booked a flight with OTB unfortunately I clicked the wrong button and booked it coming back to Stanstead not Luton hands up my mistake but I did call them immediately and got stung for £100.00 to change it, they work with Ryan Air they are thieves and con merchants I will never use OTB or Ryan Air again I rather walk.

    Posted by David Adams | April 30, 2013, 6:57 pm
  7. I’ve just booked a holiday with on the beach for over £1200, the deposit was £1000 which they’ve taken out of my account within five minutes, 5 minutes later I received a call to advise that there were no more flights available, and my holiday was wasn’t available. I’ve now been told I wont receive a refund for 10 days, which means I can’t book anything until then. I’ve asked to speak to a manager but I’ve been told there was nobody available. Please say away from this company, its just not worth the hassle.

    Posted by Emma | March 31, 2013, 9:57 pm
  8. “OTB – ABTA registered but companies they use might not be”

    We had to complain to On The Beach regarding our hotel. They said they would need to check with the 3rd party company Eurorooms that they booked through.

    When we booked the On The Beach website described our hotel as “This big modern hotel”. Eurorooms stated their web site didn’t so hotel wasn’t mis-sold.

    After several months of emailing and sending letters I finally went to ABTA. ABTA have said that while On The Beach are ABTA registered, Eurorooms are not so there is nothing they can do. I would need to seek legal advice to pursue the matter further.

    Posted by ScottG | February 14, 2013, 2:12 pm
  9. When my family & I arrived in portugal August last year, the place we were supposed to stay had no record of our booking & were fully booked. We had to find alternative accommodation, pay extra for a taxi to the alternative apartment, & re-arrange the return transfers,
    I am still trying to sort this out with OTB but they are useless and after contacting ABTA they are saying that although OTB are members the agents (Eurorooms direct) are not. It has been 6 months & I am closer to resolving this..

    Posted by Colin Ceney | February 4, 2013, 11:49 pm
  10. i was going to book a holiday with OTB after phoning them to confirm that the room we wanted would be available, they said it would be and asked if i wanted to book, i couldnt as my card is a prepaid one and i hadnt put the money on it, told them i would do it this morning they said they would ring back this morning at 10am, they havent rang and after reading all the problems people have had with this company i am glad they didnt, thank you everyone that has ppsted on here regarding OTB you may have saved me a lot of money.

    Posted by youngy | December 2, 2012, 12:52 pm
  11. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. As an ex employee OTB con their customers. 9/10 the flights and hotels are available to book at the price quoted. But for the company to make profit, agents are told to ring customers and tell them the price has increased. For each booking made on-line the company has to make at least 10% profit. Do yourself a favour and booking on the airlines and hotel’s website directly. You might think you’re getting a bargain by booking through OTB but you’re not.

    Posted by Jimbo | November 8, 2012, 8:58 am
  12. On the beach conned me too, promised upgrades etc, nothing materialised, they booked four if us into a room with 3 max occupancy, when we complained we got no where, after 2 deaths and alot of personal problems we as a family desperately needed the holiday, on the beach were just interested in getting our money, spent 1 week of the holiday sleeping on the sofabed, I did not spend over £4000, to do that! In the end I had to pay more to get a decent room for the remainder of our holiday. when I booked the holiday the flights suddenly went up by £100 each!

    Posted by jax | October 18, 2012, 10:14 am
  13. DO NOT USE THEM! I have just had my CONFIRMED booking cancelled by them due to a pricing error on their behalf. They first tried to use the excuse that the hotel was overbooked, which I proved was a lie by checking availability on the hotels’ website direct. Then, 2 days later, was phoned by a manager who assured me that after speaking to ABTA he was perfectly within his rights to cancel my booking even though it was confirmed. On The Beach even admitted it was their own fault with the pricing on their website and there was no way they could honour the booking. What is the point of ABTA if they say it is perfectly acceptable to cancel a confirmed booking? No point is the answer.

    I have used on the beach before with no problem, but when it comes to customer service they really have no idea. Manager I spoke to was quite happy to hear that I would be complaining and posting neg reviews, and also did not seem bothered that customers would read these reviews and probably decide to book elsewhere.

    These companies really should not take these things lightly, as the power of the internet has already put a lot bigger companies than this one into administration.

    I hope that anyone reading this does in fact book with another on-line agent, lets be honest there are a wide choice out there, and then as I informed their representative on the phone, by not honouring my confirmed booking it would cost them even more money than it would be to just honour my booking.

    Just to rub a little salt in my wounds, I was told that I would have to wait until later on in the afternoon before I could go on their website to claim my refund for monies already paid!

    Posted by stevey789 | September 27, 2012, 4:26 pm
  14. I booked a holiday with OTB only to discover what an appalling company they are. Being unable to speak with anyone to resolve a problem created by OTB, in desperation I “spoke” with a “sales agent”. What a rude unhelpful individual! If I spoke to my customers they way she did I wouldn’t have any customers! To cut a long story short I had to fork out for flights to where I should have been booked in the first place. Cost me over £150 to resolve and left be deeply, deeply unimpressed by OTB. First time I have used this company and I would rather go without a holiday than use this bunch of thieving scammers again.
    So if you want to deal with vile staff, be ripped off something chronic and end up positively hating a company then book with OTB. Never, never, never again.

    Posted by OTB sucks | September 24, 2012, 1:21 pm
  15. rip off company just come back from costa brava, i thought i had booked another hotel same name, as picture and description suggested. when i got to hotel it was a completely differnet hotel, i has chosen the hotel as it had panoramic views a secluded beach and was very quiet, with gardens and BBQ, and full kitchenette, i ended up in the same name hotel sant jordi but a hell hole, no views only of other peoples rooms opposite in another hotel, terrible noise from the drunks outside. no fridge and a shaded small pool with 25 sun beds for 163 rooms. it felt like i was in the back streets of london, i was very distressed and the only phone number i had for on the beach was not available. i complained to reception but was told was not their problem. I met 2 other english people who this had happened to. what a terrible holiday will certainly not use on the beach again

    Posted by c morris | July 31, 2012, 8:55 pm
  16. I used onthebeach, but luckily did not get trapped with their scam, after booking with them, i forgot to add the baggage allowance or airport transfer, they were going to charge me a further £25 for admin fees if i were to amend anything there. luckily for me i checked online and saw a tip, just add your bags when confirming your flight with raynair, as for airport transfers, we took a bus to los cristianos which cost just under 5 euro. ( holiday, canaries island, tenerife) hope this helps , and do not call their stupid 0900 number, they would put u on hold for so long. scammerssssssss

    Posted by bems | July 31, 2012, 2:41 pm
  17. My friend and myself booked a holiday 3 days before due to fly as a last minute well needed CHEAP holiday with on the beach using ryanair flights.The following day we received a call from On the beach stating the price had gone up an extra £25 each and although we queried this as we had completed the transaction online they stated the money had not been taken out of the account yet and the price was not guaranteed as live.We then realised that the package did not include transfers and had to pay extra onto for that.We reluctantly agreed to pay the price and set off on our holiday.On arrival at the airport we then discovered on the beach had failed to mention we needed to print off our own boarding passes and had to pay an extra £120 for them plus £260 for luggage which they also failed to mention was not included in the package.We were unsure what to do as we really couldn’t afford to pay the extra prices but reluctantly used a credit card in order to still go on holiday.We then had to wait till we got to the hotel to pay again to print boarding passes on the way home and pay for our luggage for the return flight.All in all this was a very costly holiday and I haven’t even begun to mention the hotel which was not in the location as described and had several other issues.We met three other couples at the hotel all with similar issues with on the beach so i can not stress enough how bad this company is.PLEASE BEWARE AND AVOID BOOKING WITH THEM!

    Posted by tracy moore | July 27, 2012, 1:23 pm
  18. I agree with many of the above comments, do not use onthebeach to book your holiday! They add extra charges after you click the confirmation – I can’t believe they are allowed to do this! When booking anything else on line, you get a breakdown of costs including everything before confirmation, with this website you don’t, just terrible.

    Posted by Emma | July 23, 2012, 12:16 pm
  19. Booked a family holday in April with onthebeach.co.uk and all was confirmed a few days later. I was over charged by £80 for paying by debit card , I only realised this after having accepted and made the payment, so there was no way that I could back track.
    Three months after the booking confirmation I recieved a notification from them that the accommodation has now changed to a cheaper one with less stars and terrible reviews. I was offerd the choice of a refund for the accomodation but not the flight, alternativly I was asked to search their website for another accomodation but of course all hotels have doubled in price since we were so close to the date.
    Onthebeach.co.uk will ruin your holiday and you will regret having ever booked through them. Don’t use them because it is a scam.

    Posted by Sam archer | July 18, 2012, 12:05 am
  20. My daughter and her 7 friends are due to fly to Loret de mar next week. They used 2 booking references and my daughter has been advised their hotel is overbooked! They have moved 4 of the girls to a hotel away from the beach as requested. They all wanted to go on this holiday together but Otbeach really don’t care. They offered their money back for the hotel if they want to cancel but Ofcourse pointed out that as the flights were booked separately they would not refund those! What sort of an option is that!! The girls are all very disappointed and I am now worried as I believe in safety in numbers and wanted them all to be able to walk back to the hotel at night together. I will never use Otbeach again !

    Posted by Diane Wright | July 13, 2012, 2:19 pm
  21. Don’t even book a holiday with OTB try contacting their customer service number first and experience the service before you start .Be warned

    Posted by james reid | July 5, 2012, 9:37 pm
  22. Booked with OTB Villas Castillo Premium in caleta de fuste fuerterventura, 3 children 2 adults

    Arrived at the designated complex that the villas are supposed to be part of only to be told “no, no booking for you here”
    My heart sank what do we do?
    Wondered around looking for the villas in boiling hot heat a 2 yr old, a 9 yr old (pulling a 15kg suicase) an 11 yr old (pulling a 15kg suitcase) an ashtmatic (pulling a case) & myself an m.s sufferer.
    Stopped at a cafe for a drink & the lovely english lady who worked there tried her best to help us (rang round, asked friends) no-one had heard of the villas castillo premiun, she directed us to an internet cafe so we could phone OTB.
    Did this & they gave us an address this address was no-where near where we had booked eventually they got us a phone number to call a lady who had been waiting for us. This lady finally turned up to take us to the villa, a villa that we hadnt booked, a villa up a very steep hill way out of town away from shops etc. The reason i booked the villa i HAD booked was cos it was near all amenities & attatched to a complex we had use of if we wanted to….these villas she took us to we not.
    Decided to make the most of it at the villa we had been put in THEN the toilet blocked the plumber came asked for a bread knife!!!! & fixed it, next afternoon looked downstairs & the whole botton floor was flooded it was a nightmare, then had a shower & the upstairs bathroom flooded. Plumber came the next day!!! told us we couldnt stay there becauses of the electrics turned the fuse box off opened a box in the wall full of wires then pointed at it & said “baby” to myself & then left until we had been moved.
    Got moved to another villa all o.k but since i have come home i have done research & we were in the right place in the beginning so i really don’t know why we weren’t down to be booked in there. The pictures used on OTB website are not true to the villas & the villas castillo premium aren’t even called that anymore they are villas caleta

    Posted by EW | July 5, 2012, 3:07 pm
  23. June 2012 and nothing changes obviously – The clue is in the Summary given by On The Beach; “We do not sell package holidays, we allow you to choose any flight or hotel singly or together to suit your requirements”. So if your flight (Ryanair) changes significantly as it did in my case then your accommodation is rendered useless. If you do manage to get through on the Customer Services helpline (premium rate of 50p per minute) they cannot help you over the phone anyway and advise you to reply via the website. Getting a response this way can take days and in my case was mostly unhelpful and/or asking for extra payment! My advice – book flights direct with Ryanair, they also offer Ryanair Hotels many of which allow free cancellation, check the T&C.

    Posted by Heather | June 19, 2012, 9:19 pm
  24. i used on the beach last year without a problem. I booked for one hotel though and they called me to tell me it was unsuitable for my family and we would be better in another hotel. As it turned out the other hotel was far better and we had a great time. At the time of booking i was given a personal contact and number that iused several times with no problems whatsoever. They even answered any emails promptly. I was so pleased with my holiday that i booked up for the same one this year. Once again, a rep called me and we finalised the deal over the phone. However as it came close to my time to pay the balance i paid online and then i tried to call them on the direct line given to confirm everything. No answer! So i tried calling on all the other lines. I either got a message telling me to phone the premium line numbers or a message telling me that they were not in at the time even though i called around mid morning or early afternoon. This was two weeks ago. I have since emailed, faxed and called to no avail. i tried to register my details on JET2’s website with my booking reference with no luck, the car hire firm’s website has expired and i i now a tad concerned. I will try to contact JET2 tomorrow and email the hotel tonight (thankfully i took their details last year) just to confirm they have been paid. I have to say that up until this happened i thought they were a great outfit, but their customer service at this moment is appalling. If it turns out they havent paid for any of my holiday i will be getting on to my credit card company immediately. I just hope they havent went under – YET!!!

    Posted by Alan Browne | June 18, 2012, 10:08 pm
  25. Do not ring the premium line number use one of the following numbers to save your money as i spent 2 hours earlier trying to get through and glad i used these appose to wasting an extra £60 at 50p per minute. This is a scam in its self as they dont seem to want to answer calls !!!!!

    On the Beach Holidays 0161 448 4600 General Enquiries Sales: 0800 085 8859
    On the Beach Holidays 0161 448 4621 Customer Services/Aftersales
    On the Beach Holidays 0161 448 4615 Operations Team

    Posted by Danny | June 5, 2012, 1:59 pm
  26. I am currently trying to contact them as i type my phone is on loud speaker and has been for 1 hour and 10 mins so far, we have a great holiday but realised we were entitled to free transfers and they took £60 pounds off me after sending me an email stating i needed to pay yet the small print on my booking states free entitlement. Then we were also told that as they advertised we could use other facilities at another hotel across the road but this was totally incorrect and there was no ice creams twice a day as stated my kids were devastated. The hotel we stayed at was The titanic resort and aqua park in egypt which was pretty good but you would think that there information would be upto date and current and why charge you £60 extra for a transfer you dont need? WE ALSO FOUND OUT OFF OTHERS AND THE LOCAL TAXI COMPANY THAT I ONLY COSTS £10 STERLING FOR THERE TAXI SERVICE TOTALLING £20 no where near there £60 rtn fee so i agree with others on this one being scammed however we have had some great deals in the past with OTB.

    Posted by Danny | June 5, 2012, 10:39 am
  27. I’ve booked flights only with OTB via their website, they took £1.01p on my credit card, ( classic test the card) then within hours I had a voice mail to say there is a problem can I call them, you can’t you are always in a queue on a premium rate call line, and the cost starts to rack up. All the bad reviews are true I will never consider using these people. I cancelled my card to stop them getting paid, narrow escape for me, thanks for everyone giving their reviews, it helped me see the pattern earlier enough.

    Posted by Stewart Donnelly | June 4, 2012, 11:13 am
  28. On The Beach Scammers. I used them and it was a disaster. The transfer didn’t arrive and left my family stranded.
    They dont answer any of the phone numbers. Our flight was changed on the day of our return and we ended up at Manchester. Our car was at Heathrow! They are fraudsters.

    Posted by Holly | May 26, 2012, 6:25 pm
  29. Do not use on the beach .com they are a scam company. I booked a hotel and put my card details in. They took £524 and sent confirmation of a different hotel. They have a customer service department that is on the end of a premium rate phone line. You cannot ever get through on this line and it is set up in such a way as to scam pounds from you. They do not respond to e-mails and are completely non contactable. DO NOT USE THIS FIRM and if you have go to trading standards!

    Posted by peter | May 26, 2012, 6:20 pm
  30. This received by email, which backs up our points regarding on the beach..

    we watched the flights on on the beach for 4 days then booked them for our family of 4 incl children who were v excited as they have never been abroad before and me and my husband havnt for 14yrs. the next day- yday – i got an email saying these have been cancelled as the prices have increased. i went on their site and the price had gone from £540 for us 4 to over £1200!!!! we rang them and was told have to ring the 50p a min line and she hung up on us. i have emailed them to say how distunging this is with no reply. this company should be named and shamed on watchdog and SHUT DOWN. RIP OFF MERCHANTS

    Posted by travel-travel | March 8, 2012, 8:21 am
  31. Thanks travel-travel for allowing us the opportunity to respond. Review Centre is a fairly unique website in that you cannot respond to people comments only post reviews. This means it is difficult for On the Beach to have a presence.

    Travel Travel: This is blatantly not true, you can respond to comments on Review center, as in this review Otbeach review With response..

    Those of you who are familiar with other review/forum sites where responses are possible, will see On the Beach has a strong presence, indeed much stronger than many of our competitors.

    Travel Travel: This is interesting but a bit like shutting the barn door after the horse has bolted, your customers are complaining about being ripped off or worse they feel they have been conned..

    We actively seek to identify customers who have used these sites to voice their opinions. We respond and contact them offline to try to resolve their problem or answer their query.

    One point we would like to make in reference to Review Centre is that you can search any large travel agent or tour operator with a similar amount of reviews and customers to On the Beach and you will see a common theme. All scores are low and in fact On the Beach scores higher than some of the larger travel companies.

    Travel travel: Yes that is true but they are not complaining about being ripped off or overcharged or the attitude of your employees, they are having a gripe about the reps or they did not like the food which is normal behavior..

    However, this does not make bad customer service or unhappy customers acceptable. On the Beach has grown quickly and many changes have been made to our departments and processes continuously over the course of this time. We are fully committed to putting our customers first and based on customer feedback we are in the process of making a multitude of internal changes that will improve areas of present dissatisfaction.

    Finally, we do carry over 750,000 passengers a year. We thank you for highlighting the out of date 2009 information on our website, we will of course update this as soon as possible. We have many phone calls and emails to answer every day.

    Posted by On the Beach | May 25, 2010, 3:57 pm
  32. In the interest of fairness we have allowed ON the beach to comment.

    However they did not address the majority of the issues such as poor customer service, and or problems with bookings.. Customers being overcharged that sort of thing.

    They also claim that satisfied customers do not leave comments or reviews that is not true either, but we let them have there say..

    They also claim to carry over 750000 passengers yet their web site claims over 500,000.. Probably more like 100,000 to be generous..

    Posted by travel-travel | May 25, 2010, 10:51 am
  33. Our comments to the misleading elements of this reply by On the beach are listed as Travel Travel.

    This ‘Bait & Switch’ theory that keeps coming up is really so far from the truth it’s unreal. We spend a lot of money on online and offline marketing campaigns and it is vital to us that we are able to book the holidays at the advertised prices for people who do place orders on our site. Otherwise we waste lots of money to get people there.

    Logic suggests if we were doing the “bait & switch” as its been christened by another forum we would lose much more in advertising costs than what we could possibly make by increasing every or even some of the holiday prices that we show on our site.

    Travel Travel – It is interesting, that most of the complaints regarding onthebeach, are based on the Phone call after the booking to say the flights are now more expensive or the accomodation is more expensive or there are extras to pay – Is this not “bait and switch”

    If anyone is interested in the real reason, even though it’s not as exciting as the “bait & switch” theory it is all to do with incorrect third party data supplied to us by the providers we use on our website.

    Travel travel – This means you do not offer live online booking. Which is another gripe, as at first it appears you do, perhaps you could add a disclaimer saying this is not online booking..

    Everyone concerned in travel tries to ensure the feeds between the companies are correct, however at times unfortunately they get it wrong. In 99.9% of cases, the price you see is the price you pay.

    In the small number of cases where the information given by our third party provider is incorrect and there are any changes to the final price, our customers are notified and a free of charge cancellation is available should the customer not wish to proceed with the booking..

    Travel travel – The biggest complaint is you do not offer this at all. You are charging to cancel…

    Perhaps you could explain this in your T&C – You should also note that each service you book with us is a separate booking. If you make bookings for both accommodation and flights and we are unable to confirm one of the bookings, the other booking will still stand, and therefore the Principal’s booking conditions will apply.

    Looking at the ReviewCenter website, people are able to go onto a website and post negative comments about our company and more often than not, these are posted by people who are not our customers. Many people who have very good experiences are often very reluctant to leave a good review as that is what is expected from a holiday. We send over 750,000 happy customers away every year, and if asked to leave posts, it would paint a very different picture.

    As most forums state in their Terms, people should give us a chance to deal with any complaints before going on sites such as these. Even if they are not happy with the outcome they still have the official avenues of appeal open to them.

    Posted by On the Beach | May 25, 2010, 10:52 am


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On the beach holidays review

Beware of, OTBEACH or ON THE BEACH Holidays plus otbeach.co.uk and finally OntheBeach.co.uk -

On the beach complaints and reviewsOn the Beach Otbeach warning.

Or check out - On the beach holidays, ot beach, I book holidays a con site?

otbeach on the beach holidays The bulk of the "On the beach complaints" concern - Persistent call backs after you think you have booked online to ask for more, huge extra cost surcharges. Extremely poor customer service .

According to ABTA they trade as: On the Beach, I book holidays, Otbeach so be careful.

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