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Florida beaches oil warning alert

Florida oil warning – The people of Pensacola Flordia pride themselves on their soft white sand beaches. But now Globules of thick brown tar have started washing up on shore. Some are as small as a coin, others are as big as a doormat.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists flock here every year to surf, swim and sunbathe. But this season, the coastline is less pristine than the locals would like.

Teams go out every day to clear away the oil, but they cannot brush away the anger of local residents and business owners whose livelihoods depend on these white sands.

Officials said the slick sighted offshore consisted in part of “tar mats” about 500 feet by 2,000 feet in size.

County officials set up the booms to block oil from reaching inland waterways but planned to leave beaches unprotected because they are too difficult to defend against the action of the waves and because they are easier to clean up.

Scientists are predicting that within weeks the oil from the ever-growing slick will move into an ocean system known as the loop current.

That could move the crude around the Florida Keys and onto the east coast of the state, having a potentially disastrous effect on the tourism industry.



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