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118 travel – Flight and hotel – no package holiday ATOL

Further to our advice regarding Gold trail and booking an atol bonded package. Here are two more agencies to avoid.. Both of these seem to be in the same building how odd..

118 travel have terrible reviews to be found here – Beware_118_travel_they_are_not_worth_using_conners-

•The site does NOT sell package holidays but a combination of a wide range of low cost, scheduled and charter flights.

This means you are not booking a package holiday in the traditional sense, so you will not get ATOL protection on all elements of your holiday both flight and accommodation – do you want to take the risk.. If your booked on low cost flight such as easy jet and they go bust your on your own..

118 Travel is supported by two travel agencies:-

118 Travel
Suite 2-3
Your Space
23 New Mount Street
M4 4DE

ABTA Member L6313 Going On Holiday Limited Terrible reviews beware
Suite 6871
Your Space
23 New Mount Street
M4 4DE

ABTA Member L6328

Flight and hotel is supported by two travel agencies:-

118 Travel
Suite 2-3
Your Space
23 New Mount Street
M4 4DE

ABTA Member L6313 Going On Holiday Limited
Suite 6871
Your Space
23 New Mount Street
M4 4DE

ABTA Member L6328



5 thoughts on “118 travel – Flight and hotel – no package holiday ATOL

  1. 118 Travel ‘Manchester’
    Avoid like the plague, booked an all inclusive holiday with them to Morocco, Les Omayades, Agadir. It turned out to the holiday from hell, totally miss informed description of the Hotel.
    When I complained in writing, I got the standard white wash letter in return, they said our diarrhea was probably down too:-
    Quote:- When traveling to a new country, one’s digestive system is not as tolerant to local ingredients and methods of cooking which can also cause stomach upsets. end Quote..
    Listen, I have traveled around the world to 57 countries all 5 continents, I know the difference between DIARRHEA from food poisoning to intolerant to local ingredients..
    Also the hotel was quoted as ‘4 stars’ and the comment to that was:-
    Quote:- Most accommodation providers and tour operators use their own in-house rating systems which may differ from official star ratings. As detailed in our web description, we can confirm that the Les Omayades carries an On Holiday Group rating of 4 suns and an official rating of 4 keys. We are sorry to learn that the customer disagrees with the assessment.
    And if you want to complain by telephone it will be an ’09’ number at 54 pence for minute…
    Move on and avoid the this company…

    Posted by Terry | October 30, 2012, 3:59 pm
  2. I am very disappointed with 118 Travel regarding the misleading or wrong prices listed on the search engine sites they use.
    A holiday to Hurghada was 574 per person but this was not the price shown when accessing the 118 Travel site. They were actually selling the holiday for 861 per person.
    I have wasted my morning dealing with this company and felt they treated me with disrespect and disregard.

    Posted by Louisa Mensah | July 27, 2012, 2:01 pm
  3. We booked with 118 travel a month before we where due to go after i had recieved all the confirmation emails i recieved a call saying that the flights had been cancelled and we could change the flights to a few days later but at an additional cost of £50.00 we did this but when we recieved the confirmation email the money had not been added on to the flights. a few days later gold trail (the flights company 118 used ) went into admin we tried for a full day to get hold of them and they where mainly less then usefully we ended up having to find our new flights our selve and having to pay out again until we get the refund which 118 have been no help with at all.
    when we finally went on holiday we where waiting for something else to go wrong we did not trust the company at all. But to our surprise the transfers where there and the hotel was as amazing as it looked on there website, in the end we had an amazing holiday but i would not ever book with them again the cheap holiday we booked turned out to cost us a fortune and the stress alone was just not worth it

    Posted by donna weaver | August 9, 2010, 9:52 pm
  4. Have to say that earlier this year I booked (on line) a two week holiday to Crete with 118 Travel. I chose the flights, the apartment and a taxi transfer. These were all confirmed to my satisfaction on booking and 118 followed this up with further e mail confirmations. I printed off all relevant paperwork and the whole process went very smoothly. My wife and I went off in June and had no problems whatsoever.
    From my own experience I would not hesitate to use this company again.

    Posted by Bob East | July 27, 2010, 2:59 pm
  5. I booked with 118 and they booked me into the wrong hotel! Instead of going to a a luxury hotel, we ended staying in a terrible place and had to spend the first 4 days trying to move to our initial hotel! We did manage to move but only after insisting there was no way we were paying an additional £400 to switch hotels..

    Posted by Anonymous | July 23, 2010, 1:47 pm

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