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Ride of Respect 2011 Wootton Bassett

If you want to travel to Wootton Bassett to show your respect for the fallen UK troops. Wootton Bassett is located just two miles from junction 16 of the M4. See http://www.woottonbassett.gov.uk/ for information on repatriations.

Please avoid the ride of respect Souvenir packs they are a tacky sideline, plus they are not donating to the charity so refuse to buy a pack until they do donate..

If you ride a motorcycle you may be interested in the Ride of respect ride which will cost £10 on Mother’s Day, 3rd April, 2011 with funds going to Afghan Heroes. Do read below, as the t shirt packs for this event contribute nothing to the Charity just some chancer…

The run will be called “Ride of Respect” as a way of The Bikers saying farewell to RAF Lyneham and Thank you to the generous and warm people of Wootton Bassett who have invited us back after last years very successful and emotional ride.

But there is a problem with the merchandise promoting the ride as none of the profits will be going to Afghan heroes, which is a shame and quite unbelievable.

The organisers have come out with this nonsense below to say they are non profit making… http://www.rideofrespect.org.uk/souvenir.htm

The merchandise contained in the pack is non-profit-making. So to make you aware, all of your contribution will go towards the manufacturing of the merchandise which is specific to the ride. The reason behind this is that it is our way of giving something back to The Bikers who have been so generous in the past.

We are not a business, so as your contributions come in they are banked under a Ride of Respect account and as funds build up, we will buy the merchandise.

There is no way you can set up to offer shirts and bits and bobs to be posted out to perhaps thousands of well wishers and not make a profit, the logistics alone would be horrendous.

We would ask that the packs donate at least £1 to Afghan heroes or they should be boycotted.



6 thoughts on “Ride of Respect 2011 Wootton Bassett

  1. Sorry Steve I and others cannot believe any one who constantly contradicts themselves, you have not outlayed for the packs as per your previous nonsense and their is nothing to say any profits will go to afghan heroes…

    When you post this on your facebook page, with a list of your outlays, then will see.

    Posted by travel-travel | October 25, 2010, 8:08 pm
  2. Hmm Travel-Travel, you obviously are not up to date with all the correct information and are only talking hearsay, which is always wrong!

    Posted by Steve | October 21, 2010, 8:16 pm
  3. Steve

    Hmm more rubbish i am afraid the money for the packs has not been outlayed, its my understanding that the packs will be bought when sufficient funds become available and not before…

    Posted by travel-travel | October 21, 2010, 8:10 pm
  4. Well “Si”, what you don’t understand, is, if we, that is most of whom took part in the original ride, want to buy some thing about the event, we can, as we are already paying a £10 registration fee with goes directly to afghan heroes charity. The money being collected for the souvenir packs has already been outlayed and needs to be recouped, so there is not a money spinner by a chancer, effort going on, there are more people involved in this event than you know. If people want to buy something they can, if people want to donate to the charity afghan heroes, they can, I haven’t seen or heard of anything you are doing that can be as remotely organised as this and raise as much as we will.

    Posted by Steve | October 21, 2010, 7:46 pm
  5. Rob, that’s bollocks.

    The site was updated 2 weeks ago with Julia’s video on ordering souvenir packs. This gets fishier by the day which is very concerning for such an important charitable cause.

    Posted by si | October 13, 2010, 5:27 pm
  6. Folks just to clarify this one for you all the website refered to above is not in any way officially connected to the Ride Of Respect 2011. It was an initial experimental design which was never meant to go live and we are now having problems locating the designer to take it down. The souvenir pack is an idea by Julia the primary organiser behind the ride and is merely intended to offer those that want it the chance to buy some memorabilia from the event it is not designed to make any profit but any surplus will make its way to the Charity either as a direct donation or funding for a future event (a bike raffle is in the offing at the moment). For more information regarding either the ride or these packs listen to Julias Monday night slot on Biker FM, see the Ride Of Respect 2011 Facebook page or keep an eye on the Afghan Heroes site were we will be soon begining our live info updates.

    Posted by Rob | October 13, 2010, 10:54 am

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