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Is the Costa cruise brand finished

With the Italian media saying the latest body to be found, is that of a five-year-old girl, this is a double tragedy more so for the parents who must have hoped she might be alive, and secondly for the diver who found her and had to carry her as gently as possible back to the surface.

This little girl was among a further 7 to have been found in the submerged part of the ill fated Costa cruise ship…

It now appears that more Costa Cruises staff are now under investigation following the tragic incmompetantance on board The Costa Concordia.

The news comes as eight more bodies have been recovered from the wreck of the Costa Concordia, more than a month after it ran into rocks off the coast of Italy

These numbers include four Concordia officers and three Costa employees, including Roberto Ferrarini, head of the cruise company’s crisis unit.

According to the Italian press, Ferrarini was on the phone with the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, on the night of the incident.

The seven are suspected of committing multiple manslaughter, shipwreck and failing to alert maritime authorities, but none have been charged, detained or arrested.

Capt. Schettino remains under house arrest on charges including manslaughter and shipwreck. Staff captain Ciro Ambrosio is also under investigation.

In a statement, Costa said: “We have complete faith in the judicial system and we have offered our fullest collaboration to the authorities from the very beginning.

“We have no doubt that (the) professionalism of our company, as well as the ability of our onboard and ashore people to cope with this extraordinary emergency, will be recognised.”

Thirty-two people died in the disaster but until this week only 17 bodies had been recovered.



2 thoughts on “Is the Costa cruise brand finished

  1. This is just appalling.All of the dead seem to have been forgotton about and its business as usual with carnivals people glossing over the catastrophy that is concordia that is the cruise industry today. Carnival couldnt pay for one life let alone multiple deaths. There is no price on anyones life, it is priceless and carnival should be banned from trading. To say they have learned from this and will ensure nothing ever happens like it again is nothing more than kidology designed to calm the share markets and give potential customers faith. Well I am not buying it. These ships cannot defy nature no matter how many safety devices are on board. As a regular passenger on the QE2 (which was a well run ship) I had utter faith in all aspects of her but when I went on the godforsaken qm2 I was immediatly struck by the top heavy appearence and how uncomfortable she is in the water compared to the older ship. and now we all no what happens when this type of ship does get into trouble for whatever reason.Ships are designed to get as many passengers on as possible, to be shallow drafted as to get into various ports and to be able to be run as easily as possible., As we have seen , all of the safety measures including the solas 10 did not matter one iota . At the end it was just poor seamanship and a ship that was too big so that evacuation became impossible. If the accident had have happened in deep water , the ship would have capsized and the death toll would have been far more
    I am a boat builder, and the old expression that “if it looks right, then it probably is right” is what I work to, and boats that are too top heavy are simply accidents waiting to happen.
    The need to bring back the QE2 has never been greater.

    Posted by j.pardoe | March 9, 2012, 11:40 am
  2. Costa cruise update: Four experts have been assigned by an Italian judge to analyse the Costa Concordia’s data recorder in a pre-trial hearing..

    Posted by travel-travel | March 5, 2012, 1:32 pm

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